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Check out the top 10 best-performing stocks of June 14, 2024, in the stock market

On June 14, 2024, the Indian stock market witnessed impressive performances from several companies across diverse sectors. Here, we highlight the top 10 best performing stocks, analyzing their growth and the sectors they belong to.

1.BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited)

Sector: Infrastructure General

Current Price: ₹4,716.15

Price Increase: ₹686.95

Percentage Increase: 17.05%

Analysis: BEML leads the pack with a remarkable 17.05% increase. As a significant player in the infrastructure sector, BEML has likely benefited from ongoing government projects and infrastructure development, enhancing investor confidence.

2.Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited

Sector: Ship Building

Current Price: ₹3,877.55

Price Increase: ₹487.65

Percentage Increase: 14.39%

Analysis: Mazagon Dock has shown significant growth, reflecting its robust order book and firm performance in the defense and commercial shipbuilding sectors. Strategic government contracts and exports have bolstered its market position.

3.Chemplast Sanmar

Sector: Speciality Chemicals

Current Price: ₹621.50

Price Increase: ₹65.65

Percentage Increase: 11.81%

Analysis: Chemplast Sanmar’s impressive performance underscores the growing demand for specialty chemicals in various industries. Innovation and expansion in product lines have contributed to its notable market performance.

4.SKF India

Sector: Bearings

Current Price: ₹6,921.20

Price Increase: ₹721.80

Percentage Increase: 11.64%

Analysis: SKF India has seen a substantial rise, driven by increasing demand for industrial and automotive bearings. Its commitment to technological advancements and sustainable solutions has attracted significant investor interest.

5.JK Paper

Sector: Paper

Current Price: ₹490.80

Price Increase: ₹44.70

Percentage Increase: 10.02%

Analysis: JK Paper’s growth can be attributed to the rising demand for paper products and packaging materials. Environmental sustainability initiatives and cost-effective production methods have also contributed to its success.

6.KRBL Limited

Sector: Food Processing

Current Price: ₹310.20

Price Increase: ₹23.50

Percentage Increase: 8.2%

Analysis: KRBL, a leading basmati rice producer, has seen robust performance due to strong export demand and favorable market conditions. The company’s focus on quality and innovation in food processing has helped sustain its growth.

7.KEC International

Sector: Power Transmission & Equipment

Current Price: ₹935.50

Price Increase: ₹66.90

Percentage Increase: 7.7%

Analysis: KEC International’s rise is fueled by its expanding global footprint, and large project wins in the power transmission sector. The company’s diversified portfolio and operational efficiency have made it a top performer in the stock market.

8.Suven Pharmaceuticals

Sector: Pharmaceuticals & Drugs

Current Price: ₹719.15

Price Increase: ₹51.20

Percentage Increase: 7.67%

Analysis: Suven Pharmaceuticals has benefited from its robust pipeline of pharmaceutical products and increased demand for healthcare solutions. Strategic collaborations and R&D investments have further propelled its growth.

9.Data Patterns (India) Limited

Sector: Aerospace & Defence

Current Price: ₹2,936.20

Price Increase: ₹202.65

Percentage Increase: 7.41%

Analysis: Data Patterns has seen significant growth due to its expertise in high-reliability electronics and defense systems. Increasing defense expenditures and technological advancements in aerospace have boosted its market performance.

10.ABB India

Sector: Infrastructure General

Current Price: ₹9,020.00

Price Increase: ₹573.40

Percentage Increase: 6.79%

Analysis: ABB India’s growth reflects its strong position in the infrastructure sector, with a focus on automation and energy-efficient solutions. The company’s innovative approach and expanding project portfolio have garnered investor confidence.


The top 10 best performing stocks of June 14, 2024, span a wide range of sectors, from infrastructure and shipbuilding to specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This diversity highlights the broad-based growth in the Indian economy, driven by strategic investments, government initiatives, and increasing demand across industries. Stock investors have shown confidence in companies that exhibit strong fundamentals, innovation, and the ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Harshini Chakka is an experienced content writer specializing in disruptive technologies such as AI, Big Data, Data Science, and Cryptocurrency. With an ability to craft compelling articles and press releases, she also excels in crypto price analysis, topic research, and keyword research. Her insightful writing illuminates complex tech trends, making them accessible to a broad audience.

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