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London Stock Exchange Onboards NFT Investments Listing

What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are exclusive cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain platform and cannot be copied. NFTs can signify digital or everyday items like artwork and real estate. NFTs can embody individuals’ identities, property rights, and more. “Tokenizing” these real-world assets makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while cutting down the probability of fraud.

London Stock Exchange Announces NFT Investments Listing

NFT Investments recently announced its commitment to list on the Aquis Stock Exchange Growth Market (AQSE) in London.

This change marks a noteworthy development as it will be the first investment firm dedicated uniquely to the NFT market to be listed on a major London stock exchange.

Key highlights of the announcement include:

NFT Investments goals to list on the AQSE in London by the end of this month. This allows investors to participate in the burgeoning NFT market through a publicly traded unit. The company foresees its market capitalization of approximately £25 million (US$34.4 million) upon listing.

This evaluation reflects the perceived value and potential growth prospects of NFT Investments within the market. To support its growth and investment activities, NFT Investments plans to raise £10 million ($13.8 million) by delivering 200 million shares priced at 5 pence each.

The funds raised will be used for identifying new investment opportunities within the NFT space, both in NFTs directly and in companies or funds associated with NFTs. NFT Investments asserts that it will be the pioneer investment company exclusively focused on the NFT market to be listed on a London stock exchange. This highlights the increasing recognition and acceptance of NFTs as a legal asset class within the broader investment geography.

The incomes generated from the flotation will be installed towards strategic investments in NFTs and related ventures. This includes direct purchase of NFT assets as well as investments in companies or funds that provide exposure to the NFT ecosystem. Remarkably, NFT Investments’ board includes noticeable figures from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Jonathan Bixby and Mike Edwards, co-founders of Argo Blockchain, assume key roles within the company, with Bixby serving as the executive chair and Edwards as a non-executive director.

Their involvement brings valuable expertise and insights to NFT Investments’ strategic decision-making processes. Overall, NFT Investments’ planned listing on the AQSE represents a significant milestone in the maturation of the NFT market.

London Stock Exchange on listing NFT  will provide investors with a regulated avenue to gain exposure to this rapidly evolving asset class while signaling growing institutional interest and confidence in the long-term viability of NFTs as an investment vehicle.


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