Brooklyn's Very Own Flatiron Building

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Addressed 47 Plaza Street West, a unique building in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY, resembles Manhattan’s own Flatiron Building. Drawing the eyes of anyone passing through Grand Army Plaza, 47 Plaza Street West stirs up many inquiries regarding itself.

image.pngThe building, which currently serves as co-op housing, was built in 1928 by renowned Sicilian born architect Rosario Candela.

Several different residents of the 47 Plaza Street West have described it as “wonderfully designed”, “beautiful and spacious”, and having an “elegant lobby," "generally huge apartments” and even “great doormen”.

Just like any other residence in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY, an apartment in 47 Plaza Street West isn't cheap. According to local real estate listings, a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment comes with an asking price just shy of one-million dollars; a 3rd floor apartment with a view of Union Street goes for about $1.1 million.

The building’s architect, Rosario Candela, had designed many prominent apartment buildings throughout New York City, mostly throughout the 1920’s. According to Christopher Gray’s New York Times article on Candela, most of his best admired work appears on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on both Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue.

Despite the fact that the exteriors of many of his buildings appear quite basic and subtle, interior designing was where Candela truly showed his skill. An admirer of cryptology, codes and puzzles, Candela sometimes incorporated these things into his interior blueprints.

Rosario Candela, architect of 47 Plaza Street West
“Surely, 47 Plaza West is one of his most deliberately coded designs," one resident shared on the Brooklyn real estate and renovation website They continued sharing ,“In our apartment there is only one conventionally rectangular room: one of the bathrooms.”

All but two of Candela’s unique apartment building designs appear in Manhattan. Aside from 47 Plaza Street West, the only other pre-WW2 building that Candela designed in Brooklyn can be found on the same block: the Berkeley Plaza apartment building at 39 Plaza Street West.

It might not be as prominent or well-known as Manhattan’s Flatiron building, but 47 Plaza Street West does give off a unique aura throughout Park Slope. There is no doubt that this building will continue to draw many eyes with its exterior design, and it will continue to raise just as many questions about what it is like on the inside.


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